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Wednesday, September 7

10:00 – 12:30: ISACB Executive Committee Meeting
1:00 – 3:00: Pre-Meeting Workshop: Developing a TEDMED-Style Research Presentation*
 (see below for detailed information)
3:15 – 5:45: Pre-Meeting Workshop: Genomics for Cardiovascular Disease Assessment and Treatment*
 (see below for detailed information)
6:00 – 8:00: Welcome Reception
8:00: Dinner on own

Thursday, September 8

7:00 – 8:00: Breakfast (included with registration)
8:00 – 8:10: Introduction to the Meeting
8:10 – 11:30: Arterial Remodeling: Bridging Molecular Mechanisms and Arterial Mechanics

11:30 – 12:30: Keynote Speaker: Ben Starnes, MD
12:30 – 1:30: Lunch (included with registration)
1:30 – 3:00: Technology Translation and Commercialization I

3:20 – 6:20: Valvular Heart Disease

6:30 – 8:30: Poster Session and Reception
8:30: Dinner on own

Friday, September 9

7:00 – 8:00: Breakfast (included with registration)
8:00 – 10:40: Frontiers in Heart Failure, Cardiac Assist and Regeneration

11:00 – 12:00: Technology Translation and Commercialization II

12:00: Lunch
12:30 – 6:00: Excursions, options include white water rafting, glacier hikes, visiting town of Banff*

6:30 – 10:00: Conference Dinner including Keynote Speaker Stuart Hutchison, MD*

Saturday, September 10

7:00 – 8:00: Breakfast (included with registration)
8:00 – 8:30: ISACB Members Meeting
8:30 – 11:30: Platform Technologies & Biomaterials

11:45 – 12:45: Panel Discussion – Where are we going?

12:45:  End of conference

*Requires additional registration


Pre-meeting Workshops Wednesday September 7, 2016

Max Bell 253 Banff Centre

Separate registration required


1:00-3:00 Developing a TEDMED-Style Research Presentation

Organizers: Jane Grande-Allen and Dianna Milewicz

Have you been inspired by the personal, compelling nature of TED and TEDMED talks?  Do you wish you could present your work in a way that connects with your audience and distills your work into an uplifting story with lasting impact?  Think how helpful this skill would be in explaining your research to your friends, family, potential employers, or a funding agency!

The compelling nature of TED and TEDMED talks is not due to the inherent skills of the speaker.  These skills are learned, but you have to start somewhere. 

In this interactive workshop, trainees will take their presentation / research concepts through a transformation using the principles and instructions given to actual TEDMED and TED speakers, as described in the new book “TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking”.  This interactive workshop will cover how to shape your message and how to deliver this message effectively on stage.  At the end of the workshop, trainees will have the opportunity to present key aspects of their message.


3:15-5:45 Genomics and Epigenetics in a Dynamic Environment: Concepts, Techniques and Applications in Medicine

Sponsored by: The Alberta Epigenetics Network

Chairs: Francois Bernier, Steven Greenway, and Deborah Studer

Presenters: Francois Bernier, Igor Kovalchuk, Olga Kovalchuk, Steven Greenway, Richard Leask, and Dianna Milewicz

This workshop will cover current ‘omics and epigenetics technologies, advanced biomarkers, mechanobiology influences, applications in cancer and cardiovascular systems, and factors important for development of new technologies and successful translation to the clinic.

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