ISACB Special Interest Groups


ISACB Special Interest Groups

We are excited to announce the formation of ISACB Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The motivation for these groups arose from the recognition that ISACB consists of researchers, clinicians, and industry partners with diverse skill-sets and expertise. Creation of the SIGs will enhance the mission of the Society by concentrating these experts around themes of interest, without deviating attention from the overall goal of ISACB to “enhance discovery, development and clinical translation”.

Envisioned SIG activities would include proposals for specific workshops or thematic meetings, discussions, debates, publication sharing, and any other actions that would strengthen the core philosophy of the SIG and thus sustain, promote, and enhance the mission of ISACB. To begin, we propose the establishment of the 7 SIGs listed below.


Proposed SIGs

1. Cardiac surgery, regeneration, cell therapies and biomaterials

2. Heart valves biology, pathology, repair, replacement and regeneration

3. Vascular biology, pathology, repair, replacement and regeneration

4. Models for cardiovascular biology and pathology; in vitro and in vivo

5. Aneurysms mechanisms, prevention and treatment

6. Peripheral vascular diseases mechanisms, prevention and treatment

7. Translational cardiovascular regenerative medicine


We are now looking for volunteers to serve as leaders of the SIGs. If you would like to lead a SIG, join a SIG, or propose the formation of a new SIG please contact Dan Simionescu ( We also welcome any questions and recommendations.

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