Letter From the ISACB President 10/16


Letter from the ISACB President Elena Aikawa, MD, PhD

I joined ISACB in 2000, and  being an ISACB member has been a valuable experience for me. This year I became the 8th president of ISACB, and I am excited about the opportunity to serve as the Society’s 1st women president. I extend my gratitude to David Vorp, who completed two terms as ISACB president as well as to all our previous presidents, including Drs. Allan D. Callow, Alexander Clowes, Peter Zilla, Howard Greisler, Frederick J. Schoen and Elliot Chaikof. I also would like to thank the members of the Executive Council who completed their terms, including Drs. Adrian Chester, Cecilia Giachelli, Simon Hoerstrup, David Merryman and Ajit Yoganathan, and welcome our new council members: Drs. Glenn Gaudette, Nico L’Heureux, Tim Pennel and Julie Phillippi. We greatly appreciate the long-standing commitment of Steven Schmidt, who served as the Secretary-Treasurer since the Society establishment in 1989, and welcome Gary Bowlin, who will fulfill this role. In addition, we welcome Lisa Bowlin as Society Manager/Support, Joshua D. Hutcheson as the new Chief Editor of eCirculator and Luke Brewster as chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee.

ISACB 2016 in magnificent Banff, Alberta, Canada was a great success! On behalf of the Executive Council, I wish to congratulate the 2016 Meeting Program Committee, including Glen Gaudette (overall lead), Luke Brewster (clinical), Jane Grande-Allen (early career), Elena Aikawa (basic research) Julie Philippi (podcast) and Frederick J. Schoen (advisor). This meeting’s success would not be possible without a hard work of our powerful and enthusiastic Local Organizing Committee, including Kristina Rinker (Local Organizing Committee Chair), Elena Di Martino, Paul Fedak and Randy Moore, who contributed their time and efforts to make this meeting scientifically exciting and technically flawless. We greatly appreciate Drs. Masanori Aikawa, Edward O’Brien, Randy Moore, Frederick J. Schoen, Paul Fedak, Joy Lincoln, Lauren Black III, Andy Campbell, Milica Radisic, Scott LeMaire and Kayla Bayless, our invited speakers and Drs. Benjamin W. Starnes and Stuart Hutchinson, our keynote speakers for their inspiring state-of-the-art lectures. We truly value the support of all of our sponsors, particularly Gore and Medtronic, ISACB 2016 Gold Sponsors.

We would like to acknowledge our Best Initiative-2016, the ISACB Webinar Series, which was started by Julie Phillippi as a perk for ISACB members and has quickly become a tradition and most anticipated educational event. I am happy to mention that our webinars have been viewed over 1300 times. Congratulations on your achievement, Julie and Webinar Team!

I think beyond ISACB 2016 and envision a successful advancement of the Society, with focus on LEADERSHIP, GROWTH, SCIENCE, VISIBILITY and PARTNERSHIP. I foresee that the Society will involve and create a new generation of ISACB leaders; expand its membership by attracting more young investigators and female researchers; connect with scientists in new areas to broaden research scope; enhance recognition outside US by expanding into Asia and Europe, and establish new collaborations with other academic societies and industry. In the near future we are planning to launch several new Committees (e.g., Women Leadership Committee, Partnership Committee), Working Groups, Trainee Initiatives, Scientific Interest Groups and Opinion Piece Writing Group. I hope that you will be part of these efforts and would like to encourage all members to actively participate and be involved in as many activities as possible with the goal to evolve ISACB to continue to be “vibrant, relevant, technically strong, inclusive and fun” (quoting F.J. Schoen). And if you are not a member, please join our family and consider becoming one today!

The next venue for ISACB 2018 has been selected out of three proposals: Kyoto - Japan, Bordeaux - France and Atlanta - USA. Our meeting will be held in Bordeaux. This decision was made based on your responses to the survey recently sent to all meeting members and attendees. We believe that we selected the most practical, convenient and exciting meeting venue. Thank you for your participation and sharing your thoughts with the Executive Council.

The 2017 off-year meeting is being planned for Cape Town, a beautiful port city on South Africa’s coast, on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain. The meeting organizers are Tim Pennel (Local Organizing Committee) and Dan Simionescu. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 50th Transplant Anniversary Symposium hosted by Peter Zilla, the Head of Chris Barnard Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Children's Hospital, University of Cape Town. This is an exciting time for ISACB and we will build on our rich history to continue shaping our multidisciplinary Society by integrating a high quality programming and bringing together clinical and basic scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in APPLIED cardiovascular biology.

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