Letter From the ISACB President 3/17



 It has been 5 months since I accepted the position as President of ISACB, and I am delighted to report that our society is well-positioned to facilitate and promote the future of applied cardiovascular research! We have many exciting new initiatives that will focus on growing our membership and increasing our visibility. Before I announce our new initiatives, however, I want to take a moment to thank the people who have worked so hard to put us in our current position of strength. Tina Rinker and Glenn Gaudette put together an outstanding meeting in Banff, Alberta last year that followed on the remarkable meeting in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. Since the beginning of last year we have welcomed 52 new members to ISACB, including ten new members who have joined since the Banff meeting! I would like to personally welcome Rosamaria Tricario from the University of Florida, Alexey Kamenskiy and Anastasia Desyatova from University of Nebraska Medical Center, Giovanni Ferrari from University of Pennsylvania, Sasha Singh from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Claudia Goettsch from RWTH Aachen University, Daniel Bellows with Abbott Vascular, John Curci from Vanderbilt University, Andrew McNally from the University of Notre Dame, and Keith Ozaki from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We’re delighted to have you as members of ISACB.


     Thanks in large part to these meetings; ISACB is in a good financial position with a budget surplus for the first time since 2012! Of course, this all would have been impossible without the tremendous efforts and leadership of Steve Schmidt, our previous secretary treasurer, and David Vorp, our previous president. As the immediate benefactors of your efforts, we are extremely appreciative and look forward to your continued contributions to growth of ISACB. Our goal now is to build on the successes of our biennial meetings and speed up the momentum year-round. To accomplish this goal, we have established committees that will serve to provide continuity between the meetings by encouraging interdisciplinary and international dialogue. We hope that these initiatives foster new research collaborations and allow us to live up to our billing of the International Society of Applied Cardiovascular Biology. Within these groups we aim to have a mix of early career investigators and senior researchers to provide both fresh ideas and experience. I hope that by fostering a culture of mentorship within ISACB, we can grow new leaders and ensure the continuity and future success of the society.


    I am happy to highlight several acting committees that we have already established to engage more members into ISACB activities:


1.     Long-Range Planning Committee – Chair: Luke Brewster. This committee will work closely with the ISACB President to bring focus on the vision, mission and direction of the society.

2.     Membership Committee – Chair: Tina Rinker. This committee was formed to increase ISCAB visibility and attract more members, particularly young investigators and female researchers.

3.     Women’s Leadership Committee – Chair: Agneta Simionescu; Co-chair: Cynthia St Hilaire. The goal of this committee is to promote visibility and engagement of women in ISACB activities and leadership.

4.     Early Career Committee – Chair: Jane Grande-Allen. This committee aims to foster the development of trainees and early career investigators by providing mentorship and career advice.

5.     Europe/Asia Partnership Committee – Chairs: Carlijn Bouten (Europe), Masanori Aikawa (Asia). The role of this committee is to increase ISACB visibility and enhance recognition outside of the US by expanding into Asia and Europe and to promote interactions between members located in US, Europe and Asia.

6.     Scientific Interests Group – Chair: Dan Simionescu. This group will include several subgroups focusing on various topics and issues associated with the applied nature of our society (e.g., Regenerative Biology, Heart Valve Research, Surgical Innovations, etc.). We encourage members to provide topics of interest and apply for the leadership positions as co-chairs for a newly formed group.

7.     Opinion Piece Writing Group – Chair: Glenn Gaudette. This group will participate in writing updates on ISACB initiatives, including off-year meeting 2017, and providing perspectives on the past and future of applied cardiovascular research.

8.     Industry Working Group – Chair: Michael Wolf. This group will address critical issues in applied cardiovascular biology faced every day by industry scientists, engineers, medical technology developers and innovators and will work with other Committees of ISACB to allow frequent interaction with scientists, engineers, and clinicians investigating and testing cutting edge products to treat cardiovascular disease.


     As we grow, we are planning to involve more members in ISACB undertakings by connecting with scientists in new research areas to broaden ISACB scientific scope, establish new collaborations with other academic societies and industry, and foster Trainee Initiatives.

Additionally, we want to highlight the accomplishments of our members. Please share your news with us so that we can celebrate your accomplishments in future editions of our eCirculator Newsletter. Also look for special features in this and upcoming editions of eCirculator that profile the important work being performed by ISACB members. All of these features are shared on our social media platforms. Finally, I would like to end by encouraging you to check out our announcements on our upcoming Off-Year 2017 meeting in Cape Town, South Africa and our next official ISACB 2018 meeting in Bordeaux, France. The Cape Town meeting will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first heart transplant, and the 30th anniversary of ISACB. The Bordeaux meeting will once again provide a platform for ISACB investigators to network and share their research accomplishments and ideas. These promise to be outstanding meetings, and I hope to see you there!

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