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Text Box:  Live from Cape Town! In December, the ISACB hosted a satellite meeting as part of “Courage and Innovation: 50th Anniversary of the 1st Heart Transplant” in Cape Town, South Africa. We broadcasted a recording of a few meeting highlights as a Special ISACB Webinar Event including the Welcome Address by Dr. Elena Aikawa, President of the ISACB, followed by a reflection on ISACB’s history by Dr. Steven Schmidt. We also highlighted an excellent retrospective by Dr. Peter Zilla in his Welcome Lecture “The Surgeon Scientist”. We then joined the satellite meeting live via web to participate in a plenary lecture by Dr. Maximillian Emmert “Tissue-engineered Matrices to Regenerate the Heart”. Recorded talks from Cape Town are available for viewing at isacb.org/webinars

On November 1, 2017, 11am (EST) our webinar on the topic "MSCs in Cardiovascular Health & Disease: The Role of CD73 and Adenosine" was broadcasted by dynamic presentations given by Dr. Cynthia St. Hilaire from the University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Rebecca Levit from Emory University.

MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS: In 2017, ISACB began offering a membership discount to webinar registrants! The first 10 non-member webinar registrants received a promo code to enter for 50% off a new ISACB membership*. We welcomed 4 new members to the ISACB in this way and we will continue to offer membership discounts to new members who register for webinars in 2018.

Recorded webinars can be accessed by ISACB Members on the society’s website: www.isacb.org/webinars. We have hosted over 22 speakers giving presentations from 4 different countries. Webinar recordings have now reached over 2200 views!Text Box:

Our most recent ISACB Webinar was held on May 3, 2018, 1pm (EST). We were delighted to host Dr. Joseph Wu from Stanford University and Dr. Kareen Coulombe from Brown University who delivered excellent talks on “Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes in Cardiac Regenerative Medicine”. Look out for announcements on upcoming webinars!

Coming up in 2018: Other upcoming topics in 2018 will include Heart Failure and Myocardial Repair and presentations from new member Dr. Francois Saucy, ISACB executive council member and secretary Dr. Gary Bowlin (University of Memphis), ISACB executive council member Dr. Glenn Gaudette (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), and Dr. Harald Ott (Harvard University). Look out for a Special ISACB Webinar Live from the 16th Biennial meeting in Bordeaux! Also stay tuned for special webinar events on best practices in mentoring, publishing, networking, and more!

Please send your suggestions for topics and speakers to isacbwebinars@gmail.com. Self-nominations are welcome! Visit our Webinars website to access recorded versions, view upcoming topics, and register for the next event.

Webinar committee members: Julie Phillippi, PhD (Chair), Glenn Gaudette, PhD, Josh Hutcheson, PhD, Michael Wolf and Sarah Vigmostad, PhD

*Valid for 50% off one (1) senior or trainee new one year membership only. Valid 30 days from date of Webinar. Limit 1 per person. Cannot be combined with other offers. Webinar fee waived if membership payment received at least 1 day before Webinar.

Webinar Corner contributor: Dr. Julie Phillippi, ISACB Webinar Committee Chair

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