Women's Leadership Committee


To promote engagement and advancement of females from academia or industry within the International Society for Applied Cardiovascular Biology (ISACB) and academic medicine by providing opportunities to enhance career development, scientific networking, and clinical translation of innovative cardiovascular-related discoveries


The ISACB strives for a future of gender parity in the field of cardiovascular medicine and sciences and is committeed to helping solve issues relevant to the professional growth and development of females in academic medicine and industry related to the cardiovascular system.


Bordeaux Meeting Recap

ISACB meeting in Bordeaux was the first event since the creation of the ISACB Women’s Leadership Committee and we were thrilled to partner with the Early Career folks for an informal discussion at La Comtesse. Together we discussed what types of events and programs ISACB members in attendance would like to see at future meetings and came up with several ideas such as a session on unconscious bias training, CV or personal statement workshops, and a formal poster session where individuals could compete for a prize.  

Additionally, we discussed the importance of individuals from minority and underrepresented groups to seeing “people like them” in positions of leadership. To that end,  the demographics of the presenters at the Bordeaux meeting were analyzed. As the fields of Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Bioengineering have historically been male-dominated it is refreshing to see that more females are perusing research and training in these fields, as seen by the postdoc and student numbers. 39% of those registered were female as were 39% of all speakers. Breaking that number down further we found that invited speakers were more likely to be male, highlighting an area that can work to improve upon at future meetings. Overall, these number are encouraging and the WLC looks forward to working with future planning committees to ensure that we improve upon our current success. In the future, we would like to collect additional demographic data up registrants to allow for more comprehensive assessments.


ISACB + ISVTE 2019 Zurich

Check back for updates on our planned gathering for Zurich in 2019!

Women's Leadership Committee Members

Rebecca D. Levit, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine
Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA
rlevit@emory.edu | Website | @LevitLab

Sara Nunes de Vasconcelos, PhD
Scientist, Division of Experimental Therapeutics
Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
sara.vasconcelos@utoronto.ca | Website |

Cynthia St. Hilaire, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Bioengineering
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
sthilaire@pitt.edu | www.sthilairelab.pitt.edu | @StHilaireLab

Claudia Goettsch, PhD
Group Leader, Department of Internal Medicine I, Cardiology
University Hospital Aachen, RWTH, Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
cgoettsch@ukaachen.de | Website


Agneta Simionescu, PhD
Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA
agneta@clemson.edu | Website

Julie Phillippi, PhD
Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Bioengineering
Vice Chair for Cardiac Research
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
phillippija@upmc.edu | Website | @JuliePhillippi

Junior Member-at-Large

Rachel Cahalane, PhD
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow
Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
Mechanobiology and Medical Devises Research Group, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland
rachelcahalane93@gmail.com @RachelCahalane

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