Congratulations to the Poster Award Winners!

First Place:
Nandan Nath, MD
University of Pittsburgh

Second Place:
Andreia Fernandes
ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Third Place:
Melanie Generali, PhD
University of Zurich, Switzerland


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Welcome from Simon Hoerstrup

Opening Keynote by Chris Breuer


Poster Session
Lake Zurich Excursion

Panel Discussion
ISACB member dinner at Raclette Stube

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This meeting provides a forum for academic scientists and engineers, clinicians and industry representatives within all areas of cardiovascular biology. The goal of the International Society for Applied Cardiovascular Biology (ISACB) consists in enhancing development and clinical translation of basic research into cardiovascular therapies and diagnostic modalities. It was founded in 1987 in Cape Town to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first heart transplantation. Since then biennial meetings are held all around the world to enable junior researchers to meet leading scientists and clinicians within the cardiovascular field. Combining this society with the International Symposium on Vascular Tissue Engineering (ISVTE), we therefore aim to build new relationships with one-another and to enable successful collaborations from the understanding of cardiovascular pathologies to the development of regenerative approaches. In particular tissue engineering approaches for the development of novel and alternative vascular grafts for clinical applications are within the focus of the biennial symposium organised by the ISVTE. A pre-meeting was held in 2012 in Tianjin followed by meetings in Leiden, Shanghai and Columbus. The ISVTE is actively participating in the TERMIS annual meetings with a thematic group based on vascular tissue engineering and is contributing in the publication of a Springer reference e-book on tissue engineered vascular grafts.

This time the meeting will be hosted in Zurich, Switzerland, by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IREM). The institute has recently been build as part of the Faculty of Medicine from the University of Zurich, with its main mission to advance molecular life sciences into next generation bio-inspired therapies at the interface of degeneration and regeneration. The major focus of the Institute includes neuro-degeneration and cardiovascular diseases. We are therefore excited to bring this unique event to Zurich and to host leading scientists and clinicians in the field of cardiovascular research and tissue engineering. Don't forget to register already today!


President of the ISACB
Elena Aikawa, MD, PhD
Boston, Massachusetts



President of the ISVTE
Beat H. Walpoth, MD
Geneva, Switzerland



Local Meeting Chair
Simon P. Hoerstrup, MD, PhD
Zurich, Switzerland


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